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Providing An Efficient Dental Lab Service With Digital Workflows

February 22, 20233 min read

Technology moves rapidly in this modern age and the dentistry profession is no different. The digitization of menial and complex processes allows for the creation of a digital dental laboratory to improve patients’ experiences and reduce errors.

For those who still hearken to the more traditional style of dentistry, the team at Ocean Ceramics would like you to know how digital workflows improve the efficiency of a dental lab.

Eliminates Redundant Tasks


Many parts of the workings of a dental lab have become outdated and antiquated. Now, these processes only serve to delay treatment and increase the patient’s inconvenience.

Getting moulds for dentures is a great example of these redundant tasks. The traditional method of using impressions created many scenarios where the dentures, made according to the moulds, did not fit. Hence the patient had to wait as the dentures were adjusted to correct the mistake.

With a digital dental laboratory, these services become simple and move quickly. 3D design services allow for quicker and more accurate mould measurement. Without their redundancy interfering with the lab’s work, operations become quicker and smoother.

Improves Accuracy and Quality


Each patient is unique and treatments to handle their dental needs must be tailored to suit every one of them. Traditional dentistry relies on the skills of any given dentist, orthodontist, technician, or assistant which increases the potential for natural human error.

Digital densitry reduces the potential for human error by increasing the precision and consistency of every stage in the process.3d design services for dentistry turn many of the variables into constants, turn many complex processes into automated steps, and facilitate the identification and correction of errors.

Enhances the Patient’s Treatment

With the use of digital dental laboratory services, the patient receives improved care and comfort. The increased agility to move from diagnosis to planning treatment to delivering on the said plan is facilitated by the workings of a digital dental laboratory.

The use of techniques like virtual treatment planning, appliance design, and other 3D design services allows for less invasive treatments. They also create dentures and other dental prosthetics with a better fit. Communications between the dentist and the digital dental laboratory or a dentist and a patient are improved with digital technology.

With the increased satisfaction provided by a digital dental laboratory, patients are more likely to return, increasing the success of the practice.

Ocean Ceramics – Full Service Dental Laboratory in British Columbia

Digital dental laboratories allow for marginal improvements across the board in dentistry procedures. By leveraging the improvements provided by digital workflows, dentists can provide excellent prosthetics will less invasive techniques needed. This improves the patient’s experience and encourages repeat service.

Please contact us if you are in need of any dentistry procedures. Ocean Ceramics has been providing world-class dentistry services since its founding over 45 years ago. We have built a dedicated team and maintained a commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in dental technology. Our systems ensure strong communication and quality results and we assure you of the best dental care in British Columbia and the surrounding areas.

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