Shade Taking Guide

Taking The Right Shade

This shade guide is organized in value highest to lowest left to right, and chroma top to bottom.

Whoever is taking the shade follow these steps:

1. Pick your value range by the numbered groups 1,2,3,4,5 (grouped and written right on the front of the guide) start with the “M’s” (1m1,2m1,3m1 etc...) most patients are in the “M” zones

2. Once you have found the value range then you go downwards or upwards to try and nail the chroma/color.

3. Once you have a few shade tabs that are close, photograph ALL shade tabs, this I really helpful on our end because we can help you make a judgement call.

The most important thing is nailing VALUE (degree of brightness) People notice a difference in value way before they notice a slight chroma difference.

If you can nail the value you can knock 90% of Shades out of the park. That’s why the shade guide is organized left to right by value zones

Take Photo exactly as pictured here with shade tab under the tooth you are trying to match to:


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