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What Is Ocean Ceramics 3D Design Service?

February 22, 20233 min read

Digital dental design services have been transforming and improving the dental healthcare industry since their origin. Their ability to facilitate patient treatments with ease allows dentists and dental laboratories to provide high-quality care. Using computer-assisted processes and 3D digital design in dentistry is quickly becoming a staple.


Hence, Ocean Ceramics would like you to know about our 3D design service and how it is beneficial across the board.

What Is 3D Design Service?



This is a digital dental design service that creates dental prostheses and other restorations with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). The use of digital technology in the process also facilitates the preparation of implant placements, orthodontic treatments and other complex dental procedures. 


How Does Ocean Ceramics Use 3D Design?


3D digital technology allows dentists and dental laboratories to collaborate seamlessly in treating patients. This allows for the digital dental design service to flow as follows:

1. Scanning

First, the dentist takes dental impressions of the patient’s teeth. Instead of using typical moulds, they use an Intra Oral. This gives them 3D images of the patient’s oral anatomy and precise dimensions that can be used in creating the necessary prosthesis.

2. Modelling

The scans are then sent to the Ocean Ceramics lab and used to create a 3D model of the patient’s dental framework. This model is analysed to determine what dental restoration is required. It is also used to determine the size and placement of the prosthesis in question.

3. Designing

A prototype design of the dental prosthetic is created with CAD software. The dental health professional uses the 3D model’s dimensions to make a custom restoration piece. If necessary, the CAD software can also aid in planning the placement of the dental prosthetic.

4. Testing

To verify the designed prototype’s ability to fulfil the patient’s needs, a simulation of the restorative dental piece is created and used to determine its suitability. If necessary, the various situations and treatments can be factored into the simulation as well. This allows for digital testing of the dental prosthetic to see how it reacts in different circumstances.

5. Fabrication and Adjustment

After the design has fulfilled all the requirements at the preceding stages, it can be physically created. This process is carried out with a 3D printer or a milling machine. After the fabrication is complete, any final adjustments required are made before the dental piece is sent to the dentist.

What Are The Benefits of 3D Design Service?



The use of digital dental design services provides dentists and dental laboratories with many valuable benefits that enhance their operations and outcomes.


  1. With digital dental design services, the accuracy and precision of dental prosthetics increase exponentially. The use of CAD software and digital technology minimizes the impact of human error.

  2. The techniques of digital dentistry improve efficiency across the board. The time needed to treat patients is reduced massively and the waste produced from using physical models is eliminated. Digitization streamlines the transfer of data from the dentist to the dental lab, eliminating any concerns in transport. Also, the need to readjust and alter the dental prosthetic after its creation is very minimal.

  3. The results provided through digital dental design services are much better than traditional methods. The products fit patients with increased comfort and security and have a more natural look. They are also more durable and can last longer.


Ocean Ceramics – Vancouver’s Premium Dental Laboratory


The 3D digital design presents a significant milestone in the dental healthcare industry. The processes it provides allow for improved outcomes and quicker treatments at lower costs. Pivoting to digital dental design services is now necessary to keep up and thrive in the modern era of dentistry


Please Contact Us if you need high-quality dental restorations. Ocean Ceramics has provided the best dental prosthetics on the market since our inception over 45 years ago. We are a full-service dental laboratory using the latest technology in dentistry to provide for our clientele. Choose us to ensure that patients get nothing but the best.

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