Ocean Satellite Lab

Get the quality of ocean ceramics in your practice

NextDent LCD1 3D Printer System

We believe by providing you with a Nextdent LCD1 Printer system you can truly provide prosthetics for your patients that are up to ocean quality standards.

Whats Included?

Here's what comes in the box when you acquire our NextDent 3D Printer System

  • Nextdent LCD1 3D Printer, Wash & Cure Unit

  • Takes up only 3 feet of counter space

  • Includes 1 bottle each of the following resins: Crowntec, Model 2.0, Orthoflex, Surgical Guide, C&B MFH

  • 3x Faster Than SLA Printers/Matches Digital light processing printing speeds

  • Auto Calibrated

  • Designed by an Ocean Ceramics registered dental technician

  • You Can Print: Flexguards, Click in Smiles, Inlays, Onlays, Models & More!

  • 15 minute turnaround time

  • Compatible with any ios scanner system

Ocean Support
  • Zoom, Teamviewer, Facetime support with Ocean tech (9-5)

  • Toxic Swap program (Lower Mainland)

Satellite Lab Introductory Package

Secure your satellite lab system with only a $500 Deposit