Digital Photo Record Protocol for Smiles

When our team works on your patients’ cases, photos allow us to have a better visualization of their facial aesthetics. This knowledge helps us provide prosthetics with optimized results. With the added effort for accuracy, it reduces the chances of needing remakes or chair time for your patient. At our premium dental laboratory in Vancouver, we are continuously finding new ways to make processes easier for you and your patient.

To ensure a successful MySmile™ design or dental prosthetics take a look at the following information regarding the digital photo records we ask you to send to our dental technicians.


Take a clear portrait photo of your patient from the front with their natural smile. The photo must go from the top of their

head to the bottom of their chin.

  • Top of their head to the bottom of their chin

  • Focal distance 1:10

  • F-stop 10

Digital Stick Bite

For this image, take a photo of their teeth from the front using a dental lip retractor. Ensure that their teeth are slightly apart.

  • Retracted

  • Level maxillary

  • Plane - front & back

  • Teeth slightly apart

  • Focal distance 1:10

  • F-stop 10

Full Smile Defining

Take a close up picture of their full smile. Have them use the speech pattern “Eeeeee”. We use this record to help define teeth

and gingiva within an esthetic zone.

  • Focal distance 1:3

  • F-stop 32

No Smile

Take a close up picture of the patient’s mouth with no smile. Have the patient relax their face muscles before taking the

picture. They can also use the speech pattern “eMMMMa”. This digital record allows us to establish approximate central


  • Focal distance 1:3

  • F-stop 32


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