Honigum is a complete innovative, premium vinyl polysiloxane impression material system that offers unmatched detail and exceptional strength to resist tearing upon removal, creating perfect fitting restorations of all types with no need for retakes.

It’s patented micro-crystalline wax matrix provides superior flowability and outstanding stability under pressure, reaching even the tiniest of crevices to deliver maximum precision impressions.

As a tray material, Honigum is perfect for crown and bridge, inlay/onlay, and full mouth restorations, thanks to its true thixotropic formula that does not slump or run but remains stable where you place it.

Honigum tray material is available in 3 varieties:Honigum Heavy Body, Honigum Medium (Mono) Body Material and Honigum Heavy Quad Fast


The corresponding light bodies are available in two varieties: Honigum Light Body, and Honigum Light Body Quad Fast.

Status Blue

StatusBlue is an efficient, clean and stable situation impression material specifically designed as an alginate alternative. The innovative A-silicone formula makes it quick and easy to take situation impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models, and opposing jaw models. Unlike alginates, StatusBlue is 100% dust-free and can be cold disinfected, allowing for clean, neat and safe impression taking.

StatusBlue, the VPS impression material for all situation impressions combines the advantages of VPS with the characteristics of alginates. It has the positive properties of an alginate, such as short intraoral setting time, hydrophilicity, and easy removal and the outstanding properties of a VPS, including crisp detail, elastic recovery and dimensional stability. The smooth surface of StatusBlue is ideal for the fabrication of temporaries. It enables precise models to be formed, minimizing the amount of polishing needed for the temporary.


O-Bite is Ocean's preferred bite registration. O-Bite is the hardest of all VPS-based bite registration materials. The material’s high final hardness is particularly important for repositioning the bite registration on the models in the articulator in order to guarantee perfectly fitting restorations

.O-Bite has superior break resistance and accuracy. Softer silicones flex or compress, prohibiting a precise articulation. This can lead to unwanted bite elevations requiring a time-consuming grinding process.

O-Bite allows for long working time. Easily apply to entire mandibular arch without being pressed for time. O-Bite ensures a gnathologically perfect tooth relationship.

Luxatemp Ultra

For years, Luxatemp has been associated with precision-fit temporary crowns and bridges. Luxatemp Ultra has once again raised the bar - perfecting the perfect temporary material! Incorporating proprietary nano technology, Luxatemp Ultra continues the Luxatemp tradition of leading the dental industry's provisional category.

Luxatemp Ultra boasts of its flexural strength, break resistance and improved initial hardness making temporaries more stable than ever before.

The extraordinary long-term color stability of Luxatemp Ultra offers a guarantee you can rely on. It also provides additional benefits in practical use: The material reaches its final hardness quicker.

The benefits that have long been associated with Luxatemp have, of course, all been preserved: top esthetics and excellent working properties.

Permacem 2.0

PermaCem 2.0 is proven to provide one of the strongest bonds to Zirconium restorations compared to the other leading self-adhesive permanent cements. Incorporating a recently developed adhesive monomer formula, the dual curing properties of PermaCem 2.0 offer an exceptional bond across all substrates.

Formulated for easy clean-up, the optimized viscosity and no-drip formulation provide for the fastest and easiest removal of excess, resulting in less stress and chair time. Plus as a single-step cement, it provides you with the added benefit of not requiring an etching step.

Whether it’s PFM, PTM or Zirconium restorations, give your patients the best seat in the house while delivering the utmost in strength, stability and esthetics with PermaCem 2.0.


TempoCem is a zinc oxide, eugenol temporary cement designed for use with all types of provisionals. The presence of

eugenol provides a "sedative" effect on the pulp.

While it offers optimal stability and adhesion to ensure that it retains the restoration, it is flexible under the crown for easy removal of the temporary. It's easy to use and place during cementation of the temporary.

It is used for cementing a provisional restoration during the period between the tooth preparation and seating of the final crown and ideal for cementing in a final restoration during a "try in" period.


The most popular splint for the relief, diagnosis and treatment of TMD.

Trio Denture Duplication Kit

Eliminate the inconvenience for your patient’s with Trio’s Denture Duplication Kit. Easily duplicate your patient’s denture with simple instructions!


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